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Message Magazine

Message Magazine  
"When Message Goes Out Souls Come In"

Campaign Materials

The 2009 Message Magazine campaign was launched in February and is expected to continue through May. Campaign materials were mailed to local churches directly from the Review & Herald Publishing Association. If your personal ministries director or campaign coordinator has not received materials, please contact our office with your name and mailing address. We will notify the R&H to have your materials sent to you.

Campaign Process

Get acquainted with Message. Review past issues of the magazine. Make sure that you have all your campaign materials.

  • Brochures/bulletin inserts
  • New sponsore/subscriber forms
  • Poster
  • Problem-solving form
  • Sponsors printout

If you need more supplies, let us know.

Talk with your pastor. Plan strategy, dates, and emphasis. Decide jointly how to promote the magazine. List important dates and plan the campaign activities you and others will be resposible for on those dates.

Put up the poster. Organize the telephone committee. Choose several trusted volunteers who can telephone memers who are slow to respond and give them added encouragement to sponsor names for Message.

Use bulletin announcment to promote your goal. The current status and the balance needed to reach the goal.

Kick off your campaign with an inspirational program featuring the importance of sponsoring Message magazine. Perhaps someone in your congregation has a powerful testimony to share about Message. Use the DVD of Mrs. LaTonya Cox of Columbus, Ohio. Her story reminds us of why we stress the use of Message magazine from year to year as an evangelism tool.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire your church members to do more to reach those who do not know the Lord.

Emphasize your deadline for receiving sponsorship lists and payment.

Distribute the brochures and explain that last year's sponsors should use the renewal forms sent by mail to their homes. They should follow the instructions on the form and bring it back the following Sabbath, along with their payment (check or money order). (If they have not received their renewal form in the mail or if they misplaced it, give them a copy of their names from your master list.)

New sponsors should use the subscription form on the brochure or you may give them a new sponsor/subscriber form.

Continue to promote Message every Sabbath. Be enthusiastic and upbeat. Help members to see the importance of sponsoring subscriptions to reach souls. Guilt trips don't work; motivation and inspiration does.

Look for members who were absent and share sponsor forms with them. Express appreciation to those who have already participated. Encoruage members who have not yet turned in their subscriptions.

Compare the list of names and amounts pledged with the treasurer's report of funds received to date. Transfer names from brochures to new sponsor/subscriber forms. Make sure all addresses have a zip code. (You may use the national zip code directlry at your post office to find missing zip codes or Zip Code Lookup.

Click here for more instructions on launching a successful Message magazine campaign.







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